Industrial Lighting

From our wide experience in dealing with warehouses, production outlets and a wide variety of industrial applications we can advise on specific aspects or complete projects.

What has been said for commercial lighting applies equally for industrial lighting, with slight variation. Generally speaking industrial lighting uses one of fluorescent, metal halide or sodium light sources. These are more efficient light sources than display lighting but are far more powerful but less controllable. Replacing say a 400 watt white metal halide floodlight with 140 watt LED would give about the same amount of light. But before we go any further I need to mention the inevitable provisos. There are two vital components in the LED chain, the chip (the lighting element) and the driver (can be compared to a transformer) and there are differences between the cheapest and dearest which could easily exceed 10% which does make calculations a little more problematical. But I will go out on a limb and say that savings would be in the same sort of range.

Below are typical comparative light sources.

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