Lighting Your Home

Expert Lighting Design brings the elegance, grace and beauty of light to your home through stunning and effectively lit spaces come day and night. Our designs are ambitious, yet not over stated and aim to exceed dreams and expectations in both quality of design and services delivered.

We provide tailored and affordable lighting design services for home owners, residence grand or small. Our customers come to us because they want their spaces to be above average, to have the best possible light and to provide exceptional experiences for both themselves and others.

We know how to convey and communicate with all aspects of light, creating ambient lighting designs that are highly attractive, functional and impressive. Light is one of the most cost effective ways of reinvigorating life, creating rich inviting ambience and lush atmospheres to both your interior and exterior spaces with our inexpensive lighting design services, which start from £250.

Great lighting without doubt requires careful planning and consideration. We will interpret your thoughts, visions and ideas, combined with our technical expertise and guidance to realise the finish that you ultimately want for your project.

We’re experts at what we do, and you’re always in capable hands with us. We’ve worked on a challenging array of domestic projects, barn conversions, bespoke home builds, manors and stately homes to bring about positive and dramatic results with light.

You might think introducing additional sources of light into your home will increase what you spend on utilities. Our lighting designs incorporate effective and stylish use of both low energy and energy efficient lighting and smart technologies to ensure you get exceptional value and return on what you spend.

We’re capable of undertaking all aspects of design, supply and project management to ensure you have a truly great experience working with Sherry Lighting and Design and that the hassle and complication on your part is taken out of the equation so you can get on with life.


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