Church Lighting

We have been fortunate enough to work with many churches around the country, all with different needs and budgets.

It is always a pleasure to be involved in the design of the lighting for a church or other religious building. The problems of space and distance linked with the often greater problem of hiding the electrical cables. When advising churches the first question I ask is what range of activities will be taking place in the building. It seems that most churches are now multifunctional buildings that can be used for recitals, drama, meetings, play groups and of course religious activities. There is also the question of allowing for only part of the building to be lit and is there a need for dimming or some other means of control.

But it is a fact that lighting a church is expensive due to the large areas and greater distances. It must also be said that it may have been a long time since the wiring was looked at and anything installed before the mid 1970’s may not be suitable to be re-used. The budget for re-wiring could be the same as for relighting. One also needs to bear in mind that improved lighting will almost invariably show up a need for redecoration. When I was in preliminary discussions with The Lighthouse Church based in Ghana, regarding its UK “Cathedral” in Peckham South London we had a tight budget, but after they had added a new floor, commercial gas and electric, 12 plasma TV screens, an Italian marble altar, total redecoration plus some extras they had spent well over original estimates.

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