Lighting Design & Solutions

We tailor our services to each and every client, ensuring the best possible outcome every time.

Let us know what you would like to achieve and we will cater towards your needs each step of the way.

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Commercial Lighting Design

Be it office or shop we can show you how to get the best results using the latest LED technology.

Residential Lighting Design

Show off your home by highlighting the best features.

Industrial Lighting Design

Industrial lighting isn't always a case of improving the general lighting, but rather improving the vertical visual acuity.

Ecumenical Lighting Design

We will make a complete survey of your church and consult with your council on how to obtain the best results.


This is a lighting design company, aimed at providing lighting design services to you on a residential, commercial, and specialist basis.

Sherry Lighting and Design have a healthy a vast portfolio of lighting design work for you to see - if you are not sure where to start then we offer full design services taking you from the very beginning through to perfection and completion.

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The Lighting Design Team

Our team is small and focused, offering the very best in attention to detail and perfection in our work.

The Office

We are based near Selby, North Yorkshire, and also in London. Contact us for more information about getting your lighting design project started.